• Skills The quintessential plugin for any PvE server, Skills, which has +12 Skills (Alchemy, Carpentry, Combat, Discoverer, Enchanting, Farming, Fishing, Foraging, Mining, Runecrafting, Dungeoneering and Taming), +21 Abilities and +9 Stats.

  • Crafting System Crafting System, you can craft all vanilla recipes and also you can create your own recipes.

  • Enchanting System, Enchant easily your items with an incredible gui! Support EcoEnchants!

  • Bank System, let your users manage their economy depositing and withdrawing their money in the bank.

  • Auctions System, Create Auctions and BIN Auctions easily.

  • Anvil System, Combine weapons, armors, books and more in the anvil with a friendly interface.

  • Alchemist system, brew potions in this incredible interface, also gives you the capacity to create custom potions.

  • Souls System get unique rewards founding souls arround the map!

  • MySQL, Flat and H2 Database Support.

  • Developers API

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