Gain xp to level up your skills and win epic rewards, stats and perks!


  • Alchemy (id: alchemy): Gain xp by brewing potions

  • Carpentry (id: carpentry): Gain xp by crafting stuff!

  • Combat (id: combat): Gain xp by killing mobs!

  • Discoverer (id: discoverer): Gain xp by walking arround the map!

  • Dungeeonering (id: dungeeonering ): Soon

  • Enchanting (id: enchanting): Gain xp by enchantings weapons, armors and more!

  • Farming (id: farming): Gain XP by harversting crops

  • Fishing (id: fishing): Gain XP by fishing epic species!

  • Foraging (id: foraging): Gain XP cutting wood!

  • Mining (id: farming): Gain XP breaking ores

  • Runecrafting (id: runecrafting): Soon

  • Taming (id: taming): Soon

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