Earn Perks to improve your in-game experience trough skill levelling!


  • Brewer Chance (id: brew_chance): Chance to get extra potion effect when consume a potion

  • Cactus Skin (id: cactus_skin): Chance to deal extra damage on enemies when they hit you

  • Eagle Eyes (id: eagle_eyes): Chance to get night vision during combat

  • Farming Fortune (id: farming_fortune): Chance to get double, triple or quad drops when harvesting crops

  • Foraging Fortune (id: foraging_fortune): Chance to get double, triple or quad drops when breaking logs and wood

  • Iron Lungs (id: iron_lungs): Chance to get water breathing while being in the water

  • Leaves Master (id: leaves_master): Chance to get random drops when cutting leaves

  • Lightning Punch (id: lightning_punch): Chance to strike lightnings enemies when fighting

  • Medicine Man (id: medicine_man): Chance to regen life in combat

  • Mining Fortune (id: mining_fortune): Chance to get double, triple or quad drops when mining ores

  • Mining Speed (id: mining_speed): Chance to get haste when mining ores

  • One Punch Man (id: one_punch_man): Chance to kill enemies of one hit

  • Orb Master (id: orb_master): Chance to get double xp orbs

  • Potion Master (id: potion_master): Chance to get extra duration when consuming potions

  • Projectile Master (id: projectile_master): Chance to make projectiles stronger

  • Refurbished (id: refurbished): Chance to restore tool max durability when breaking blocks

  • Sea Fortune (id: sea_fortune): Chance to get double, triple or quad drops when fishing

  • Spiderman (id: spiderman): Chance to trap enemies in a temporal web while in combat

  • Steel Skin (id: steel_skin): Chance to reduce fire damage

  • Wizard (id: wizard): Chance to infect enemies with nausea

  • Ability Damage (id: ability_damage): Soon

  • Bonus Attack Speed (bonus_attack_speed): Soon

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