Setting Up Arena

Setting Up Arena Tutorial

After Schematic is setup you need to setup the arena.

1) Set the location where you want the dragon to spawn with /TheDragon setdragonspawn.

2) Setup the altars, these are the structures where player will need to place epic ender eyes, when player/s place all epic ender eyes in altars the dragon game will start, to setup altars use /TheDragon setupmode after setup all altars you want use /TheDragon setupmode again to leave setup mode.

  • Left-Click in a block to set it as an altar

  • Right-Click in a block to remove it from being an altar

3) Add Crystals to the arena (This step is optional) they are basically Dragon crystals that will appear when dragon game start in order to give health to the dragon, to add them just use /TheDragon addcrystal in the location you want it to appear.

4) Add Guardians (This step is optional) you can found a in-depth tutorial to guardians here

5) Use /TheDragon giveenderkey <player> <amount> to give players ender keys to place in altars or use /TheDragon start to start playing dragon game

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